How to use Emotional Goal Optimisation to Increase Rankings & Conversions | Interview with Danny Richman

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Too little traffic for A/B testing? So what to do now while everyone is telling you to do A/B tests. Danny from RichmanSEO has an interesting take on it. We spoke with Danny Richman from RichmanSEO about how Conversion Rate Optimization and SEO can be executed. Danny has been 20 years on a mission to make SEO and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) accessible for types of businesses.

A very interesting spin on the conversation happened when we spoke about how to use Emotional Goal Optimisation (EGO) to Increase Rankings, Clicks & Conversions. Danny explained how to apply Emotional Goal Optimisation (EGO) to your website. A process that doubled the traffic to his client’s site and increased online conversions by 700%. This was achieved at zero cost by making just a few simple changes to the website. As a result, the site is now one of the highest converting sites in its industry.

By listening to the interview you will understand what EGO is, see evidence of how it works and understand precisely how to apply it to your own business. Danny also posted about it here.

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