Generate Leads with an Inbound Marketing Funnel | Interview with Austin Black from Wide Narrow

Generate Leads with an Inbound Marketing Funnel Interview with Austin Black from Wide Narrow


We love to ask our guests how they continue to educate themselves and filter through the online noise to find relevant and quality content. Our guest today, Austin Black, is the senior growth marketer and business developer of Wide Narrow, a SaaS company that helps with just that. Wide Narrow helps analysts with their intelligent workflow. Filtering industry-leading sources supported by AI and information specialists, their clients are provided with information that matters.

Of course, Austin has the advantage of accessing Wide Narrow’s platform to support his career and individual growth. Austin breaks down the evolution of the business and his input into lead generation, marketing, and pivoting into a more online-based environment as the pandemic imploded into their outbound world.

With a pivot to an inbound marketing funnel, Austin and the Wide Narrow team began to see an increase in their lead generation and the impact it had on their customer experience. By building tailored connections with potential buyers and providing solutions to problems that their prospects have Wide Narrow has been able to attract consistent customers. Learn to generate leads through relevant content, meaningful experiences, and an overall successful inbound marketing funnel.

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