Go Beyond the Landing Page to Build Open Funnels | Interview with Paul Sullivan from Bias Digital


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Marketing and sales are a necessity when it comes to expanding and growing your business. Engaging with customers and the creative elements of the job are often exciting. However, we have to admit there are some repetitive and mundane tasks that just need to get done, whether we’re excited about it or not. Bias Digital is an agency that focuses on marketing automation and innovation.  With the goal to decrease some of those tasks with the right technology, they problem-solve for you.

It is always interesting to hear from an agency about their marketing and sales strategies. Paul Sullivan, the MD, believes a website is the heart of a business. The goal is to bring potential customers to the website in order to start those all-important conversations. Although their website is a work in progress they aim to go beyond the landing page and create open customer channels.

Paul is hoping to gain more insight on who is engaging and how they got there. Their website offers quality and information with the hope to encourage further engagement with contact forms, allowing them to go beyond the landing page and broaden the customer’s journey. Ultimately, hoping to qualify them as a high-quality lead.