Growing your SaaS business through integration marketing | Interview with Gaurav Sharma

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Gaurav Sharma is the founder and CEO of JustCall which grew out from SaaS Labs startup studio with integration marketing. JustCall is a cloud-based anytime, anywhere, any device phone system for sales and support teams. It takes seconds to get phone numbers in 58 countries and start making or receiving calls.

Gaurav himself loves working on disruptive ideas related to B2B & Big Data space. He is passionate about building new marketplace based businesses and viral user acquisition. He strongly believes in Lean Startup methodology and spends weekends working on different hacks, prototypes or talking to first-time entrepreneurs. 

We discuss all about SaaS Labs startup studio and how Gaurav has developed many successful products out from there. We focus mainly on JustCall software and tell how to grow your SaaS & win qualified leads through integrations. 

Tune in to see how to increase your customer base with direct sales through integrations…

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Pathmonk: You mentioned those integration specific websites, for the integrations. I’m curious about the role of your website from Just Call for the business. Does it play a key role in converting clients? What role does the website play?

Gaurav Sharma: Absolutely, it is the first interaction with a customer and prospective customer. Right. If the landing page has been done well, that’s the requirement. I mean, if you’re not doing that right, then you’re not going to get into conversion. I mean, for us, how it works is like people come to our site, they like the content, whatever it is, and then there’s, then book a demo with us and almost 50 to 60% demos converting to sales. It’s very important for us to have that copy..

Pathmonk: Really puts the proof, the quality of your product that after the demo, 50% go through, well done there. What types of metrics do you actually care about on the website? Because you could be looking at a ton of different things but what do you try to keep her focused on?

Gaurav Sharma: I think, we have our own funnels there. So it’s obviously the website  conversion rate. We focus more on the booking rate, like how many people jumping on this thing and then obviously time spent on the site (…) there are a couple of metrics that we think about which are like, which actually can work into revenue for us. Obviously demo signups is a metric that we track.

Pathmonk:  Any challenges that you can recall maybe throughout the last couple of months or maybe even years that you save you overcame with conversion rate? Any war stories to share on how to improve conversions from the page?

Gaurav Sharma: Well, yeah, sure. Absolutely. Firstly, we worked a lot on decreasing our bounce rate then just so super high. We never, were not using any Jack system or anything and actually stopping to using the attack pre-doc intercoms we started using and we soccer making those boards severely well so that we can understand where people are coming from so that we can pop up the right message data itself. That kind of does grab a lot of leads from there. Cause I think were losing so many leads that time. That’s I think one of the tips. I would like to give all those people who are starting up today. Like you gotta have some get something to grab those leads because people are to jump away.