How to Expand Customer Stories During the Pandemic I Interview with Porscha Scott from Hoylu


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Once upon a time, a villainous creature known as the coronavirus changed our world forever. We could no longer live our lives as we knew them. This now required some major work-life adaption as we settled into our homes. We found ourselves staring at our screens and watching people on the other side. It was beginning to feel mundane and repetitive. Queue our heroes, Hoylu.

Hoylu has created a collaborative tool for the masses and work to go beyond, plain-old, screen sharing. Hoylu’s product is suited for all. From a self-employed tutor to large logistic teams it is an efficient, creative and perfect collaboration tool. The simple, clean and easily navigable interface will save you from yourself. They want to know your ‘Once upon a time’ story so they can assist, learn and share. Customer stories are what make Hoylu approachable and as they work to grow from you they are willing to give you their time and to offer the best results. Customer sharing or word of mouth can be a highly rewarding form of lead qualification.

Customer stories are a powerful tool during a buyer’s journey. Your potential clientele will find this relatable and have the ability to understand the success of your product. Hoylu has quickly adapted to the current work lifestyle and they have worked to be a part of it. So aim to be a part of your customer’s journey and embrace other’s stories to engage new clients. Your customers are your business and we must understand them. As Heroes have stepped forward in all aspects of our new world the Corona Virus is losing its battle and we live to build a new future online. The End.