The Importance of Customer Education in the Buying Journey | Interview with Jonathan Harrop from AdColony


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A powerful way to influence a prospect during their buying journey is through education. Businesses have begun to incorporate education-based marketing as a core strategy to influence their buyers. Hands-on knowledge and technical benefits are provided to a buyer way before they become a customer to empower their purchasing choice. Jonathan Harrop, Senior Director of Global Marketing and Communications of AdColony is prioritizing customer education to increase conversions.

Almost exactly on its 10 year anniversary, AdColony was acquired by Digital Turbine (Nasdaq: APPS) in February of this year to help the Austin-based company continue to build the leading independent mobile growth platform. By integrating a full ad stack with proprietary technology built into devices by wireless operators and OEMs, Digital Turbine supercharges advertising and monetization. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices globally.

Leaders in their market and reaching billions of mobile users, AdColony is satisfying customers and continuing to prioritize customer education. Jonathan providers our leaders with an understanding of this market as well as his perspective on growth and lead generation. Have a listen to the passionate, experienced, and informed Jonathan Harrop.