Improve & Define Your Value Messaging for the Audience | Interview with Alena Bohomol from Humaily


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Users drive product growth. Unfortunately, whether you think your product or service is exactly what is needed in the market, doesn’t matter. Only your audience can determine its success. With this in mind, we can improve and define your value messaging to suit your audience. Not only is messaging key on your website but it can be extremely influential in email outreach. Emails are a preferred source of marketing content, however, so many of them are ignored.

Humaily is your guide and coach in personal email outreach. As an extension, it is a perfect addition to your existing marketing and sales platforms. As you write your emails, Humaily is there to ensure your messaging is focused on the user and not your product. The co-founder, Alena Bohomol is determined to continue to improve and define their value messaging.

As they highlight your need to address and focus on your audience more they aim to do the same in any form of their messaging. Rather than focusing on the implementation or use of their extension, they have adjusted their value messaging to focus on a positive outcome for their audience, focusing on their challenges. If they don’t relate to your product they won’t convert.