Increase Conversions with an Interactive Website | Interview with Anthony Stevens from 6Clicks


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An interactive website encourages a more personalized experience for your users. As we want to retain our visitors’ attention and keep them on our website we need to give them a reason to do that. Anthony Stevens, Founder, and CEO of 6Clicks keeps this in mind by working to ensure their website goes beyond being just a brochure. By continuing to streamline Calls to Action, such as ‘free demos’ and ‘support’, 6Clicks aims to increase conversions.

6Clicks is a software as a service platform designed to help businesses with risk and compliance so that they are audit-ready and in control faster than ever before. Anthony introduces us to this environment and the unique growth channels they have worked to implement. With video content, streamlined CTAs, transparency, and community building they continue to optimize an interactive website.

An interactive website has a high potential to create a two-way conversation with the user rather than a one-way form of communication. By incorporating these elements you can empower your audience and ultimately increase conversions as they relish in a high-end user experience. Learn more from Anthony and possibly implement some revenue-generating changes yourself.