Influence Lower-Funnel Prospects with More Personalization | Interview with David Fitzpatrick from Modus Create


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‘In order to set brands up for success, they need to know how to effectively develop, scale and deploy software.’ Some words of wisdom from our guest today, David Fitzpatrick. David is the marketing director at Modus Create, a digital product agency. As our digital future expands to the integration and design of more software, Modus Create is your partner in increasing organizational maturity to build software.

With software, there is an opportunity to redefine customer interactions and David discusses their marketing initiatives to discover and reach their own audience. With great success in referrals and channel partnerships, the team turns to customization and personalization of the online user experience to influence those lower-funnel prospects.

Music to our ears, of course! Their website is driven with high-quality content, demonstrating their qualification. This level of content is engaging to top-of-the-funnel users but David discusses the future of content personalization in order to target and reach lower-funnel prospects and grow their customers. David has offered in-depth advice into the marketing world. Listen in!