Tips & Insights into a Quality User Experience for Enterprises | Interview with Peter Cunningham from Buyapowa


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On a mission to make acquiring new clients easier, we welcome Peter Cunningham, President of Buyapowa. Buyapowa is a global leader in enterprise advocacy solutions, generating quality leads. They’re pushing back the boundaries of referral and smart brands are already benefiting. Peter has offered us insights into the workings of their company while highlighting the benefits they are eager to showcase to their clients.

With a specific target market, the team hyper-focus their marketing strategy to suit their audience. B2B marketing can be challenging as an enterprise deal requires a relationship deal. With a focused market, Peter is more interested in quality leads rather than quantity. By removing over automation and encouraging more direct communication Buyapowa can offer their prospects a more enjoyable user experience.

An audience is key to closing sales and therefore we must understand that audience to the core. Peter’s experiences have allowed him to understand these personas and cater to their needs. While they look to evolve their website further the focus still remains on educational and engaging content, driving an appropriate user experience for their audience.