Intent-Based Content to Match Audience Objectives | Interview with Steve Wiideman from Wiideman Consulting Group


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“To be successful, you don’t have to do extraordinary things. Just do ordinary things extraordinarily well.” As an agency expert in SEO, the Wiideman Consulting Group specializes in consulting, training, strategy, and procurement for all your visibility needs. Rather than rushing to maximize your visibility in search engines, these experts create sustainable solutions for optimal growth in brand exposure.

Steve Wiideman, the president, provided us with insights into the SEO world and the value of intent-based content. Although we can easily implement those highly-ranked keywords into our content they do not always suit our audience’s objectives at the time. Steve was honest in their progress of the website as they work to optimize it further. However, they naturally implement their own best practices when it comes to SEO ranking.

With a focus on transparency, trust, and innovation, the team wants to ensure that any efforts towards the website are developed with their audience in mind and the way they search. With intent-based content, Steve aims to address the challenges of their prospects to ensure they drive educated and eager customers. With these leads, the relationship develops into a partnership rather than a once-off sales conversion.