Is Your Top of the Funnel Memorable and Accessible? | Interview with Carlos Doughty from MarTech Alliance


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Technology supplies marketers with more opportunities to connect to their audience. With the tools out there marketers can implement the right message at the right time to produce highly qualified leads. I assume, if you are here, you use technology to encourage growth. With endless solutions and expanding digital space, we are always learning and have the need to learn. MarTech Alliance is your ally in the MarTech space. They are there to educate you to go forth with confidence to meet at the center of the marketing and technology intersection.

Carlos Doughty, the founder, wants to create a community of people that can better understand the space. Through his expertise, he has discovered more value in creating a memorable and accessible connection to prospects. As he swapped out the suit and tie for jeans and a hoodie, the informality has made their top of the funnel more memorable. As this first stage of the buying journey focuses on brand awareness Carlos and the team stay true to their brand.

Although they follow classical channel hitting to drive traffic they want to ensure that the top of the funnel is salient, well-positioned, and reachable. As clients engage with memorable content, with a pug to assist, their prospects are hooked. The team continues to improve their content to ensure there is enough value for clients without compromising on their brand while increasing conversions. Listen in for more marketing insights.