Direct Multi-Channels to a Transparent & Optimized Website | Interview with AJ Wilcox from B2Linked


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Landing your perfect customer that ticks all the boxes is a dream many business owners have. If you are not having this dream are you really aiming towards a successful business? To capture those high-quality leads and do this at scale, advertising is always a go-to solution. Exposing your business and getting the word out there can only be beneficial but is it targeting the right personas? With LinkedIn ads, there is the power to access that ultimate buyer persona and generate those leads. However, LinkedIn does not operate like Facebook and you have to invest more to make more.

Our advice; don’t go in blind and reach out to B2Linked, an agency with one single focus; supercharging your LinkedIn presence with caring and experienced experts. We spoke to the founder, AJ Wilcox, who has years of experience in digital marketing and couldn’t help but notice the success of LinkedIn. We had to ask more and ironically they are not using LinkedIn ads themselves as they work to scale their business first. They direct their multi-channels (YouTube, podcasts, social media, and online courses) to their transparent and optimized website.

As they continue to grow they acknowledge the efforts to grow their website design further to attract their suitable personas with clear pricing, transparency, no under-promising, and an optimized website. With their growing multi-channels, all leading to their optimized website AJ works to scale and expose their advantages even more.