Leverage the Founder’s Excitement in Your Content Strategy | Interview with Nisha Baxi from Monte Carlo


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With passion and authenticity in the foreground of any brand content, a business can resonate and engage its audience in a fruitful way. Our guest today, Nisha Baxi, was fuelled and captivated by the CEO of Monte Carlo, Barr Moses. As Barr exuded a genuine interest in data observability Nisha joined the team to increase brand visibility and leverage the founder’s excitement in their content strategy.

Monte Carlo is a data reliability software that connects all your data for quality control, data communication, and security for your peace of mind. Nisha joined the team ready to expose the brand and promote its growth. As the business had traction without a website, Nisha and the team wanted to review what role their website would play. With the CEO’s digital content increasing customer reach there was no doubt that their content strategy would play a large role in client onboarding.

With the audience’s pain points addressed in a genuine format, prospects were eager to join this community. With a content strategy fuelled by the business’s passion, prospects are encouraged through the customer journey, while their website can be used as a tool to indicate what works for the audience to create an optimal experience.