Nurture Key Clientele to Encourage Referrals | Interview with William Christensen from DataAutomation


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There are an endless amount of software solutions in our world today. They assist us with manual tasks, saving us time, offering us efficiency and optimization. With a wider range of solutions, integrating them to ensure maximum business growth is the challenge. The company DataAutomation does what it says; customizes and connects software so you can focus on building your business.

We had William Christensen, the CEO on the show. Starting his career in marketing he has offered us insights into the growth of their business. Through LinkedIn and referrals, William has developed valuable relationships and qualified leads. As they help SaaS companies with integration work so they can focus on their business, DataAutomation has a diverse clientele. They leverage this position and nurture key clientele to encourage further referrals.

Referrals are a powerful source of qualified leads. These prospects are inclined to believe others in their space and friends or family more. With this in mind, William opts to nurture key clientele to build trust, develop strong relationships, and spread the word as a core component to their growth.