Optimize the Online User Experience with Effective Sales & Marketing Communication | Interview with Lauren Jones from Appit Ventures


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There are various solutions to enhance our business and promote streamlined and structured growth. However, businesses may require more flexibility and tailoring of that solution. Appit Ventures delivers custom-built software development that encourages businesses to thrive. As they can offer a wide range of development with a versatile team and are industry agnostic, there is no doubt they can help you scale and grow.

We spoke to the marketing director, Lauren Jones, who provided behind-the-scene insights into their channels and sales processes. As she acknowledges the multi-faceted machine that is a website Lauren addresses the opportunity to optimize the online user experience. Their website is their highest converting marketing element as they aim to delight with their design elements and focus on communicating with their sales team to provide the ultimate online user experience.

Communication is vital to anything but even more so to sales and marketing teams. Lauren breaks down the perfect example of their relationship and how they worked to transform their digital space to optimize the online user experience. While working to reach their conversion goals they equally use the webpage to capture user data. Where are they in the buyer journey, what actions did they take and how far did they go down the funnel. It is the perfect tool for capturing data and qualifying leads. Listen for more marketing insights and discover Appit Ventures.