Integrate Personalized Paths in Your Website Marketing Funnel | Interview with Joel Goobich and Ralph Pahlmeyer from Vestorly


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There is no denying that the amount of content occupying the digital space is innumerable. To filter through content and find items that suit you or your business flawlessly seems impossible. Perhaps not quite, as content is forever expanding so too is our technology. With Vestorly you can discover, filter, and personalize content with their AI-driven content management engine. By leveraging machine learning this innovative engine can deliver personalized and relatable content.

It is an amazing opportunity for companies to engage with the right content and utilize it in marketing campaigns. At this point, you can imagine that Vestorly uses personalized paths in their own marketing funnels. We were privileged to not only speak to the co-founder, Ralph Pahlmeyer but the head of marketing too, Joel Goobich. Ralph succinctly displayed the benefits and advantages of this cutting-edge technology, while Joel offered his personal insights into marketing techniques and growth channels.

As Joel notes; a website should act as a marketing funnel too. His team works to provide directed and personalized paths to guide their prospects further down and ultimately lead to further personalization in demos and conversations. With that ultimate human touch in combination with new technology, the clients walk away completely satisfied. You have to admit Pathmonk and Vestorly sounds like a winning combination for any marketers out there!