Qualifying your website leads | Interview with Jeremy Almond

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Today we are discussing all about website optimization with Jeremy Almond who is a co-founder of Paystand. The business is a transformational B2B billing and payment network. Using blockchain and cloud technology, Paystand pioneered Payments-as-a-Service to digitize and automate your entire cash lifecycle.

Jeremy describes himself as an enjoyer of life and doer of good. He is a surfer, hacker, block-chain advocate, investor, and sailor. In Paystand they mostly work with fast-growing companies and larger enterprises to help them digitize and automate processes, reduce time-to-cash and eliminate transaction fees.

In the podcast, we discussed a lot about website optimization and lead qualification. Jeremy shared his approach to qualifying leads so their sales-cycle is as efficient as possible. He also introduced a strategy called “journey to zero”. Do you wanna know what is it?
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