Real-Time Personalization in a Cookieless Environment

Real-Time Personalization in a Cookieless Environment In-Article

Challenging the way we do things is a great way to do better. Marketers know more than anyone, that one stream of thought, strategy, or campaign is never enough if we want to reach and serve as wide an audience as possible. There are always challenges to be met and better ways of doing something; better ways of serving our customers and prospects. The cookieless environment with its looming horizon and the impending threat of a world without third-party cookies certainly leaves us with a new challenge.

This is a challenge we welcome because for so long we have been reliant on the data that cookies provide us with. We personalize, track, and retarget with this powerful data. There is no denying that this data has set the foundation of any marketing campaign and no wonder that some of us are scared to face a cookieless environment without the one weapon we thought we’d have forever. Third-party cookies will be no more as consumers begin to take back their privacy rights and demand transparency and choice in the way their data is collected and used.

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And we can’t blame them. With constant data breaches and adverts that never seem to stop following them from website to website; our consumers and prospects are feeling followed and invaded. In recent research conducted by Cognizant, 9 out of 10 consumers are “concerned” or “very concerned” about the privacy of their data online. The conclusion is that “organizations need to master the fundamentals of data ethics, manage the “give-to-get” ratio and solve the customer trust equation.”

So how can we ensure that we give them the best experience possible, to personalize, improve, and support their buying journeys; ensuring that value-driven campaigns, content, and strategies come first?

What is Real-Time Personalization?

Real-time personalization is instantly delivering contextually relevant content to each website visitor in relation to their responses and actions with your website and brand. Essentially this is content that matches their buying intention. Real-time personalization isn’t about calling a visitor by name or knowing personal, in-depth information, but rather about understanding how they buy, what stage of the buying journey they’re in, and how to guide them on their path to purchase. 

Real-time personalization allows us to offer value in key-decision moments while ensuring visitors remain engaged. With content that is tailored to the needs of the buyer, your prospects feel catered to and supported. Real-time personalization helps businesses build meaningful connections. Consumers will always remember the experience they have with a brand over fancy jargon and pricing pages.

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Why Do We Need Real-Time Personalization

Personalization, is no doubt, a common goal, and topic amongst marketers. It’s setting the foundation of marketing as we become more digital and, most importantly, as our consumers demand it. With 80% of our consumers more likely to buy from a brand that provides personal experiences and almost 98% of buyers leaving websites before converting into customers; real-time personalization is business critical. 

We’re spoilt for choice in our digital age. Although impressive and empowering, it can be overwhelming and draining. We have to understand the fatigue of choice and the fatigue of content. How do we avoid being drowned in the ocean of competition and content? How can we make our brand stand out from the rest? How can we assist our prospects in this overwhelming world of content, choice, and information? 

With a user experience that serves each buying journey stage through real-time personalization. Consumers’ preferences change, their environments change, and the context in which they buy changes so being able to adapt in real-time and meet them in their journey is what makes real-time personalization so powerful.

How do You Personalize in Real-Time?

As with anything that we do in marketing, personalization leverages and relies on data. We need powerful data with actionable insights in order to create relevant and contextualized experiences. 

Typically, we create user profiles based on historical and first-party data. Then we enhance these insights with third-party data. The world of digital marketing has relied on third-party data collected through cookies to personalize and inform marketing strategies. To measure and track online interactions and understand our consumers. 

But now we have to understand our consumers’ demands for privacy and their right to manage and control the data they share. So with Google’s announcement to phase out third-party cookies, we have to reconsider the way we personalize, collect and use data.

Artificial meets Human Touch Real-Time Personalization in a Cookieless Environment

Executing Real-Time Personalization in a Cookieless Environment

1. Buying Journey Analysis & Actionable Data Insights

We often get overwhelmed and lost in piles of data; lots of data but little insight. We’re not truly understanding how to use it effectively or are unsure if we’re even collecting the right type of data. If we don’t re-evaluate the way we collect and use data it can be hard to generate meaningful value; leaving us with unclear and unactionable insights. 

The tools we have relied on, like Google Analytics, have left us with data that doesn’t account for changing consumer behavior, the limited possibility to personalize at scale, and the reliance on human capability, expertise, and time. So with the cookieless future on the horizon and the consumer demand for personalization, it’s time to optimize your data collection and analysis through artificial intelligence-powered tools. Pathmonk Intelligence, can help marketers automatically and quickly conduct large-scale data analysis and provide you with money-making insights based on the way visitors behave on your website.

Understanding the buying journey and how each persona navigates the path to purchase is critical data when it comes to personalization.

2. Automated Real-Time, Dynamic Micro Experiences

Most businesses aren’t able to produce highly personalized experiences at scale because so far it has been impossible to actively influence visitors in real-time; to provide real-time personalization at key stages in buying journeys. 

For personalization to be truly contextual and personal we need predictive tools powered by AI. Pathmonk Results predicts exactly what your customers need. Pathmonk detects the intent-rich moments that shape the visitor’s decision on whether to stay, sign up or leave the website. With Pathmonk’s intelligence consumers are provided with informative and actionable content in key-purchasing moments.

Pathmonk delivers micro-moments that match the stage of the buying journey to trigger more conversions. Delivering appropriate moments to match the stage of a prospect, while ultimately anticipating their questions and showing the right content, allows for dynamic, predictive, and real-time personalization.



Consumers demand personalization but they also demand privacy. In order to meet these demands we must shift to powerful tools that provide us with the data we need to personalize user experiences while adhering to data policies and regulations. Pathmonk empowers you to personalize, increase conversions, and create powerful user relationships.

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