Reflect Your Culture & Set Expectations on Your Website | Interview with Christine MacKay from Salamandra


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Animation has the wonderful ability to communicate to people from all walks of life in an engaging, unique, and immersive way with very few boundaries. Visual elements are driving the marketing world, as complex ideas or boring topics can become more appealing and understandable. Coupled with their dancing mascot Salamandra is bringing visuals to life to tell business stories in the animation medium.

With the CEO and founder, Christine McKay, and their mascot dancing in the background we got but a small taste of what to expect from this passionate business. By their team getting truly invested in your goals and values, Salamandra aims to visually delight and transform complex business messages via animation. With their creative and business hats sharing the space their website is sure to set expectations and reflects the culture of working with their skilled teams.

Christine discusses the various channels of client acquisition and how all journeys lead to their website. As the website continues to be updated Christine wants to secure credibility and equally simplify the buying journey of the website to ensure the culture is reflected and never lost. With this, as Christine describes, reflective, joyous, and fun website there is no doubt that they have set expectations for a wonderful and rewarding experience.