Remaining Relevant to Prospects that are in a Longer Buying Journey | Interview with Tom Britton from Syndicate Room


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Aim big and enjoy the ride! Syndicate Room, founded in 2013 helps you to invest in start-ups to become a part of their growth journey and get a return on your investment. They are a venture capital fund that uses data and diversification to maximise return potential. They let the data do the talking. The co-founder, Tom Britton joined us today to discuss the niche clientele and their growth channels.

With a niche service, education is at the forefront of their content and marketing. As people research and determine their investment opportunities Syndicate Rooms’ turnaround time can be substantially longer than a typical buying journey. With this in mind, Tom discusses their efforts to find a balance between remaining relevant to those prospects while ensuring they are not bombarded with sales content.

Their user experience is essential to capturing clients as they work to ensure prospects feel educated, guided, up-to-date, and nurtured. Offering clients intent-based data at key moments can have great success in lead generation. However, the balance of maintaining their interest and not pushing them away is a continuous challenge for all marketers and sellers out there.