Represent & Share Your Company Expertise in Actionable Ways | Interview with Gregg Witt from Engage Youth Co.


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The youth, although an overused phrase, are seen as the ‘future of today’. They are pioneers in fashion, technology, education, and culture. Simply put, the youth market should not be neglected in your marketing efforts.  With technology and digital reach at their fingertips, they can so much influence with family and friends that surround them. Those investing in this audience will see youth consumers grow into loyal adult spenders.

Engage Youth Co. is an independent marketing agency that assists businesses with relevant brand engagement for youth culture. Gregg Witt is Chief Strategy Officer and he offered us insights into Engage Youth’s acquisition channels and his expertise in the marketing world of today. Gregg believes that it comes down to sharing company expertise in actionable ways.

With a website as the hub and driving social connection, brand representation is key to forming connections with your audience. As the experts in facilitating connections between clients and their audience, Engage Youth is determined to do the same with their customers. By building trust and leveraging content Gregg continues to promote company expertise in actionable ways.