Shift Your Service Messaging for Understanding & Simplicity | Interview with Fergus Dyer-Smith from Wooshii


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Video in marketing and advertising is a powerful and essential way to elevate your marketing strategies. With visuals, you can increase engagement and condense complex services or topics. As this medium increases in popularity, there is a demand for these creatives. Many elements contribute to creating high-quality and successful videos. Wooshii manages video production and operations on a global scale. Whether it is producing video ads or managing thousands of video assets.

The CEO and founder, Fergus Dyer-Smith discusses the growth of the business and its role in helping large-scale corporates manage video operations. From talent discovery to account management to a software solution all suppliers are centralized, ultimately leaving you with more time. As Wooshii grew and developed their audience, Fergus noted there was a need to shift their service messaging to generate leads that were informed.

With their traditional marketing on digital channels and a focus on SEO all prospects land on their website. As the website has gone through an update the goal was to be on-brand in a visually appealing way to showcase just what they do. With this is in mind it was essential that their service messaging was clear, understandable, and simple to ensure audiences were easily captivated to journey through the video creation world.