Leveraging Social Media Communities as a Client Acquisition Channel | Interview with Oksana Sokolovsky and Rohit Mahajan from PerformLive


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Passions are what fuel us. They get us out of bed every day with the excitement and energy to embrace what’s ahead while spending our time enjoying the things we love. I think for many, our ambition is to monetize those passions. PerfromLive is a live-streaming platform where your passion meets commerce. Their system promotes loyal and satisfied paying customers with an interactive live experience.

We spoke to Oksana Sokolovsky and Rohit Mahajan who are the founders of this new and innovative project. They ignite their own passions in this project and, similar to PerformLive, they are focused on their communities. As they work to promote their easy-to-use live commerce platform their core client acquisition channel is to engage with multiple social media channels and engage with their communities to highlight their advantages.

With any client acquisition channel, the aim is to bring the audience to the website. PerfromLive is no different as their website plays a vital role in representing their brand. With an energizing, functioning, engaging and uncomplicated user experience any visitor will be inspired. As they focus on leveraging the social media communities as a core client acquisition channel they will be engaging in their own live streams, so keep an eye out for PerformLive!