Tackle Innovation Challenges by Building a Referral Network | Interview with Leah Houston from HPEC

Tackle Innovation Challenges by Building a Referral Network Interview with Leah Houston from HPEC


Doctors play an essential role in our society as they work to cure and heal patients. Even more so as the pandemic has struck the world we rely on the medical services even more. Unfortunately, there continues to be a lack of medical staff with systems in play that can delay onboarding even more. Leah Houston MD, founder of HPEC, has worked with a driving passion to combat the challenges faced in the industry.

HPEC has developed a secure standards-based open-sourced technology that gives physicians control over their professional digital identity. Their wallet stores verifiable medical credentials and connects physicians to a secure and private referral network. With this innovative technology, there are challenges faced with growth and expansion as people often fear the unknown.

Leah has worked to build a powerful brand and build their own referral network with their technology in order to encourage growth for their innovative technology. With the world digitizing, Leah aims to get physicians on board to this new age of technology that will benefit both physicians and their patients.

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