Tailor Content & Keywords to Your Client’s Needs | Interview with Sebastian Hardung from Priint


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Is print still thriving in the digital age? Just when you thought print media would reach its end in the digital revolution you were wrong. It continues to still play a vital role in audience reach today and should still be considered in your marketing strategies. As print is tangible and physical it can often leave a longer impression in an audience’s mind, developing more trust. As our company today, Priint, states; ‘Print makes the abstract real’.

Priint’s solutions automate the printing process, effortlessly connecting your digital world to your print world, helping you create an experience that lasts beyond the screen. We had Sebastian Hardung, the director of alliances and marketing on the show. As they are fully embracing the print media they can’t ignore their own digital space. With their renewed website they were sure to tailor content and keywords to match their customer’s needs.

Priint is focused on their audience as they navigate and search for print solutions. Sebastian asked those key questions; ‘How would a customer find us?’ ‘Who are our personas?’ ‘How can our solution solve their problem?’ To tailor content and marketing points to your persona encourages engagement and heightened interest. So rather than print vs digital why not create the perfect combination of the two?