Tailor Your Digital Profile to Suit Varying Buyer Personas | Interview with Katie Buckett and Alex Pearmain from OneFifty Consultancy


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Understanding and researching buyer behavior gives us the opportunity to generate more leads, improve marketing processes and retain more customers. As people determine the success of our business we must cater to them as we work to understand the driving force behind their purchasing process. OneFifty Consultancy uses data and models of human behavior to drive purposeful digital interactions, with the people who matter.

It was great to witness the dynamics of the relationship between the co-founders Katie Buckett and Alex Pearmain. They can’t help but tease each other while being exactly on the same page. Their focus for OneFifty’s growth has been nurturing existing customers as referrals drive their business. However, their digital profile plays a valuable role as they work to tailor their value messaging to those buyer personas.

At Pathmonk we love to understand how people behave in buying situations. In the same way as OneFifty Consultancy, we hope to get you to your buyer personas by optimizing your digital profile. With a visually captivating website, Katie and Alex are focused on driving tailored and in-depth content to continue to suit their range of buyer personas.