The Balance between a Seamless Website & Playful Copy | Interview with Jason Berkowitz from Break the Web


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SEO, SEO, SEO. We hear it all the time, we know we should do it. Social media, paid advertising and various other channels do generate traffic, but the majority of online traffic is driven by search engines. Yet, it may not be such a simple solution to some, perhaps a little overwhelming and daunting. Break the Web are a digital marketing agency that helps businesses get seen and break the web while doing it. Demystifying organic growth and helping you crack the code to meaningful and measurable SEO.

Founder and SEO Director, Jason Berkowitz dived into the culture and growth driving solutions for Break the Web. No surprise, but they have leveraged their expertise in SEO and paid advertising to gain loyal and satisfied customers. With a seamless website that offers simple navigation, Jason discusses their choice to showcase the teams’ personality through playful and light-hearted copy.

We can often overcomplicate the copy on our websites, perhaps going beyond a necessary description or getting lost in our own understating. Remember KISS, Keep it simple stupid. Don’t worry, we don’t think you’re stupid but we offer a reminder to really get to the core of the product and use copy that is accessible and clear in combination with a seamless website. This is all for the ultimate user experience