Trigger High Conversions by Nurturing Website Visitors | Interview with Fintan Murphy from DamsonCloud


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Remote working is taking over our day-to-day business. As we embrace this new style many companies are implementing hybrid environments and fully embracing digital transformation. With over 10 years as a Google partner DamsonCloud helps organizations with their digital transformation. From migration to the cloud, security systems, and full transformation support for enhanced team collaboration and communication.

This is an exciting opportunity but it can be equally daunting. The CEO, Fintan Murphy with his expertise has highlighted the importance of change management and ensuring the process is fully supported by their team. Fintan discusses the client onboarding process and acquisition channels, noting the longer journey through the sales funnel. This requires trust-building and nurturing to trigger high conversions.

Fintan has dedicated time to producing high-quality video content to engage with prospects and encourage lead creation. He is eager to dedicate more focus to understanding their website visitors and their journey. By implementing micro-moments with the right content at the right time Fintan hopes to trigger high conversions on their website. Listen in to truly understand the migration to the cloud and true digital transformation processes.