Understand the Signals of a Buyer’s Interest Before Engaging | Interview with Peter Mahoney from Plannuh


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The best way to often solve a problem is to experience the problem in its entirety.  Peter Mahoney, the founder, and CEO of Plannuh, did exactly that. As a recovering CMO, he faced the challenge of managing all the processes that come with marketing. From budgeting, tracking, and planning, Peter was unsatisfied with a classic excel sheet. Every problem must have a solution and the solution to all your marketing management woes is Plannuh. It is an integrated SaaS platform that combines all those operations into a beautifully optimized plan.

With a swish of their technology-and-human-expertise wand, they have popped out a simplistic and magical rabbit out of the marketing-management hat. Peter is proud of the magical simplicity that Plannuh offers to often complicated and overwhelming tasks. How does he convince his clients to step onto the stage? By listening and watching signals of a buyer’s interest and engaging them at the right time, at a time that they are ready, which ultimately converts them into quality leads.

In combination with patience and the ability to listen to a customer, Plannuh offers compelling content assets that are topical to the problems they want to solve. By the appreciation of signals of a buyer’s interest and buyer’s journey Plannuh aims to continue offering their content as a resource and now to further adapt their website’s objectives to mobile users, as they take over the world.