Using Data to Enhance the Customer Experience | Interview with Amber Fehrenbacher from FlowCast

Using Data to Enhance the Customer Experience Interview with Amber Fehrenbacher from FlowCast


There is even more pressure to enhance the customer experience as users access all they need independently and quickly. With the advantages of technology and online usability, consumers are even less reliant on you to support them and this has influenced and changed the buying journey. The customer experience is overtaking price and product as a key brand differentiator as consumers have higher expectations.

To meet these demands and expectations businesses have to leverage data to better understand their consumers and service their journey in personalized and appropriate ways. A big fan of data is our guest today, marketing director of FlowCast, Amber Fehrenbacher. Flowcast leverages AI to help financial institutions make smarter credit decisions. Amber is proud and humbly brags about the specialists behind FlowCast as they help businesses assess credit risk more intuitively and intelligently.

Although Amber is new to the team she is eager to grow the business and showcase its benefits to the world. To do this she turns to data to drive more business, understand their users, build trust and enhance the customer experience. Listen in to hear more about the industry and how Amber thinks of the buying journey and overall business growth.

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