Utilize Intent Data to be More Intelligent with Targeting | Interview with Andrew McLernon and Jay Gorga from Interlink


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Crazy about qualified leads, just like us, we welcome the co-founders of Interlink.  Andrew McLernon and Jay Gorga, with years of experience in lead generation, were determined to refine the process. Facing challenges and frustrations, they work with clients to close the gap between marketing and sales by generating genuine sales opportunities.

We like these guys! By supporting their clients in three key stages of lead generation, discovery, engagement, and conversion, the team have grown their client base and achieved notable awards. By utilizing intent data, clients receive the best quality data that actually converts. With such epic results, their clients are delighted.

And how exactly do they come about their own customers? With a well-developed network and result-driven solutions, testimonials and case studies build trust and demand. Leveraging those epic results allows clients’ questions to be quickly addressed. Like the Pathmonk team, Jay and Andrew are a little nerdy about conversions and can’t wait to offer you quality results, supported by intent data and AI.