The Power of a Website Functioning as a Representation of Yourself | Interview with Cheryl Contee from Do Big Things


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While talking to Cheryl you can’t help but smile as she exudes a full passion for her company and her team. Cheryl wants to and is doing big things. As the founder of, an appropriately named company, Do Big Things, Cheryl is determined that her team offers experienced advice for non-profit campaigns. The team is completed with perfect diversity and is powerfully lead by women. Cheryl has reaped not only business- rewards but life-rewards by working with people she respects and people that fulfill her.

As the company provides leading non-profits with the new-narrative and new-technology to develop their digital space, Do Big Things equally hopes to provide their digital space with the same impact. It is a busy team working to fight for change through digital storytelling, yet when there is time for a break they are working on their business goal. Their core focus; website functioning as a representation of themselves.

In the hope to gain more data on a customer’s journeys, they ensure all website visitors are comfortable and informed as they mirror themselves in their landing pages, in order to generate more leads. Do Big Things takes advantage of their diverse team and showcases their values through a website functioning as a representation of their business. They are currently noting the benefit of video content and hope to get to know their visitors more in order to create a relationship. Are you smiling yet? Because we are!