What to do when customers get stuck on the path to purchase I Interview with Brandon Evanich from IXBM


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In today’s podcast, we will feature Brandon Evanich who is the Marketing Director of IXBM. He will discuss what to do when your website visitors get stuck on the path to purchase. He shares his experiences from helping e-businesses to achieve higher conversion and to improve their revenue 7 to 8 figures through sales funnels and paid traffic.

IXBMedia is focused on generating more leads & conversions for its clients. The company works fast and they hate wasting time so they are working based on hyper defined audiences to maximise the results.

Brandon also discusses how a superb buying experience can bridge the gap from visitor to conversion and how retargeting can be (if done wrong) a huge $$$ sucker. Learn more about what IXB Media can do to help your e-business soar high in terms of traffic and revenue.