Is your Website a Conversion Engine for Digital Marketing? | Interview with Mike Seidle from WorkHere


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At Pathmonk we engage a lot of our time in the idea and advantages of artificial intelligence, always looking towards the future. With robots knocking on our doors we can’t eradicate the power a human being still has. People are not quite ready to let the robots into their home or business yet, letting them take over. WorkHere is all about human beings, helping companies put people back into recruitment.

With large sums of money and time spent on recruiting, WorkHere aims to have potential employees walk away, having had a good experience with your brand. By incorporating instant communication through chat, not a chat-bot but an actual human being, you can engage quickly and start the conversation. With their own processes in mind, Mike Seidle notes that their website is a conversion engine for their digital marketing.

As WorkHere is growing, their website fills the gap of limited sales reps and ensures that customers are well educated, encouraging lead generation. As you qualify potential employees, WorkHere is looking to qualify leads in an improved manner. Mike believes speed is underrated in the recruitment world and they do not waste time using their website as a conversion engine for new customers.