How to start with website optimization? | Interview with Cornelius Boertjens

CRO Expert

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Cornelius Boertjens is a digital marketing strategist who has more than 15 years of experience. He specializes in increasing online sales and leads by optimizing websites and landing pages implementing effective conversion strategies and optimizing the user experience.

In today’s episode, Cornelius shares his experiences about digital marketing strategy that he has had as a CEO and co-founder of Catchi. Catchi is Australasia’s leading specialist in digital conversion optimization and personalization. They are specialized in helping companies to achieve their objectives by optimizing their digital assets using data-driven optimization.

We discussed all from conversion rate optimization to motivating your SaaS team to work towards their goals. For Cornelius, the future is all about personalization – with the right tools, teams, and data in place, companies can really start to get quality leads from their online channels.
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