What Is the Use of Heatmaps?

What Is the Use of Heatmaps In Article
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Many digital marketers use heatmaps to take advantage of all the information that software can offer. However, not everyone knows what they are or how to use them.

Heatmap software can be very handy if you know the basics. Keep reading so you can understand what it is, how it works, and how you can take advantage of it to improve your marketing strategy.

What Are Heatmaps?

If you’re looking for different strategies to optimize your website, you probably have a rough idea of what a heatmap is. They’re very popular because they help business owners improve their sites.

When you use heatmap software, you’re allowing a tracker to identify your visitors’ movements in each of your web pages.

In other words, the software identifies where the visitors’ mice go and it shows you where their clicks land. Likewise, it helps you determine which parts of the web pages get the most clicks and which don’t get any clicks at all. 

Using heatmap software gives you an easy visual report to understand your visitors’ interaction with your website. However, you should keep in mind that you need to understand each buyer persona to recognize your site’s full potential.

Once you get a heatmap report, you can analyze that information and use it to your advantage. Even so, increasing conversion rates is hard, which is why you should rely on experts such as the Pathmonk team.

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How Do Heatmaps Work?

Compared to tables and charts, a heatmap is much easier to read. The parts with reds and oranges are the ones with the most interaction, whereas the blue and green elements have less potential.

Heatmap software works by creating a map first. To do that, they divide your web pages into different elements that your visitors interact with. The system groups some areas by tags and calls them “parent elements,” which are the bigger ones on your site.

After that, the software records every visitor’s activity. Each time someone scrolls down your webpage and clicks somewhere, the heatmap stores that information in a database.

To ensure that you only get precise information, heatmap software stores unique data from your visitors. Then, it builds a visual representation of your visitor’s activity.

Besides tracking where your visitors click, the software also stores the information based in real-time. That means that you can visualize the most recent entries and get updated data that gives you a correct description of your website. 

When you understand how to use heatmap software correctly, you can optimize your page. However, that’s not the only thing you need to speak your customers’ language.

Note that this type of technology has been used earlier forms since the 19th century for thousands of entrepreneurs who wanted to improve their marketing strategy.

Types of Heatmaps

There are many kinds of heatmaps available besides the classic ones. If you want to understand your visitors’ behavior and optimize the user experience, having more information is always a good idea.

For example, you can get a scroll map. That might help you understand whether you need more content or not, where you should place your CTA, and more. 

The most important thing about scroll maps is that they also use colors and that they can show you a sudden change of coloring – that often indicates an end to the scrolling, which means the visitor stopped and probably left the site.

Another common type is a confetti map, which can show you the visitors’ clicks. With that kind of information, you can understand the non-clickable elements in your site and pinpoint almost the exact spot where people left your website.

Since using heatmap software can bring you very useful information, it’s a great way to ensure that your website is interactive. You can improve the less attractive spots and make sure that your visitors stay for a long time.

In Marketing

Using heatmap software is very useful in marketing. It can help you identify many things. Instead of going through complicated reports, you can get all the information you need just by looking at an image. 

The first thing a heatmap shows you is whether or not visitors are clicking on your CTA. If people aren’t clicking on it, then you can evaluate the solutions available.

For example, you could implement new strategies to ensure that visitors click the CTA. For example, you can change its design so it looks different and people feel compelled to interact with it.

However, redesigning CTA strategies is not the only thing heatmap software can help you with. It’s also a great way to understand directional cues and optimize your website so it takes advantage of them.

According to Fitt’s Law, humans naturally follow the act of pointing. It doesn’t matter if you do it with a finger, your eyes, or your whole body – if you show your visitors a path, they are going to go with it.

Fitt’s Law is greatly used in advertising and marketing because it helps you understand customer behavior. Thus, it’s also very appliable to heatmap software. Using such technology allows you to know if your visitors followed the images’ directions or not, which could give you cues regarding what strategies to implement next.

Nonetheless, you should always keep in mind that heatmap software isn’t enough to create a successful marketing strategy.

Why Use Heatmaps?

There are many ways to answer the question “why use heatmaps.” Overall, they’re a simple software solution that can give you useful information if you know how to read it.

They’re for Everyone

One of the best reasons to use heatmap software is that anyone can understand the visual composition. It’s easy to read, and you don’t need to have much experience to comprehend what they mean.

Succeeding in digital marketing is not only about writing relatable content. It’s also about understanding the best tools and using them to your advantage.

They Help You Optimize Many Things

Using a heatmap can help you have different data about your website. Besides knowing where people click, you can also tell where they don’t.

By getting such a complete report of your visitors’ activity, you can implement various strategies to ensure that you achieve the goals you have with your website.

They Give You Useful Information

Some tools are very handy but they offer you data you don’t need. Consequently, you might feel confused or not know exactly how to interpret the information you’re getting.

However, if you use heatmap software, you can get precise data about the things you want to find out regarding each web page you analyze.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should use a heatmap to understand your visitor activity. They can become handy tools for your marketing strategy.

Benefits of Heatmaps

Benefits of Heatmaps

Heatmap software systems have many benefits if you know how to take advantage of them. Here are some of their advantages.

They’re Quick

When you use a heatmap, you get all the information you need very quickly. If you use a different tool such as Google Analytics, you might get useful data but you may be staring at charts and numbers for a long time before you understand what you’re supposed to see.

With a heatmap, you can look at a web page and know exactly what’s going on. You can get all the information about where your visitors click, and with a quick screenshot, you can share that with your collaborators if you’re working with other people.

You Can See the Dead Zone

You can also see the areas of your web pages where no one clicks. That’s very handy data to have. If you’re optimizing your website, you also need to know the spots that aren’t working very well.

If you know the low-activity areas, you can determine what to do about them. For example, you could add more information, trim the space down, or remove them entirely.

They Show You Ghost Links

As fun as some analytics tools are, they are limited. If you use a heatmap, you can know what people are doing that may benefit you. Consequently, you can adjust your website to seize people’s natural activity.

Suppose many people are clicking on a picture that’s not a link. In that case, you can turn that image into an inbound link and keep driving visitors to your site. It’s a great strategy to maintain activity.

Heatmap software has many benefits because it’s easy to use, quick, and gives you precise information. Thus, it can become your best ally even if you’ve never used it before. Even so, tools such as Pathmonk are great options if you want a personalized experience and more accurate data.

Wrap Up

Using heatmaps is very popular among digital marketers since it shows you precise and useful data about your website. Likewise, it’s an easy way to understand your visitor activity and can help you design good strategies or optimize the ones you’re already implementing. However, you should keep other tools in mind because they can give you a customized experience. Pathmonk is one such tool.

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