Does Marketing Automation Really Drive Revenue?

Does Marketing Automation Really Drive Revenue In Article

The world as we know it, is changing. Cash is being replaced with virtual currency, while online shopping becomes the new trip to the mall. This new digital world has given rise to new marketing strategies. 

Marketing automation has taken the marketing industry by storm. It has taken away the need for excessive manpower to do repetitive tasks such as sending emails and maintaining customer relationships. 

What exactly is an automated marketing strategy, and does it drive revenue?

Pathmonk’s marketing and lead conversion expertise are based on industry research and a deep understanding of what the customer sees and needs to see. By understanding the effect that intent data can have on your buying journey and eventual conversion rate, you can accelerate your B2B growth exponentially.

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What is Marketing Automation?

This term refers to a marketing strategy that uses computer software to carry out marketing operations. These activities generally consist of repetitive or routine tasks such as sending emails, posting advertisements on social media platforms, and other activities related to advertisement campaigns. 

It serves to simplify marketing and personalize it using artificial intelligence. This marketing strategy promises new leads and increased sales through an improved customer base. Tasks that would often take up a lot of time and manpower, are now simplified using this innovative technology.

How Does It Work?

There are several mundane, repetitive tasks involved in marketing, like following up on leads, sending out emails to prospective clients, and generating reports. Automated marketing makes use of software that does all of these for you. 

They assess and prioritize clients based on data and behavior to get them to make a purchase of goods or services or to sign up. It helps businesses build relationships with clients, follow up on leads, tracks customers’ journies, prepare automated reports, and simplify communication with chatbot features.

The Benefits of Marketing Automation

  • Greater Efficiency

Having software take care of repetitive tasks reduces staffing costs, and frees up existing employees’ time to work on strategic tasks, improving the efficiency of your marketing department.

  • Timesaving

By taking on the task of social media posts, emailing, and reporting, marketing campaigns your team will have more time to dedicate to other important tasks.

  • Increased Conversion Rate

Marketing software does not just make your marketing team more efficient; it also makes it more effective by helping you to improve your conversion rate and manage potential leads more efficiently.

  • Marketing and Sales Alignment

Implementing this marketing tool helps you go from lead to sales easily. It increases sales productivity while decreasing marketing overhead costs. It helps you generate more leads while making more sales.

  • Better Reporting

Generating reports on marketing statistics can be daunting and time-consuming. Marketing software simplifies this task by generating accurate reports for you, giving you and your team more time to focus on strategies.

  • Data Management

Managing marketing data can be cumbersome. Automating your marketing strategy helps you maintain up-to-date records.

  • Personalized Marketing Strategy

By automating your marketing strategy, your marketing team now has more time to focus on creating personalized content. It also helps you separate, or group clients based on their behavior and characteristics. 

  • Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is used to rank prospective clients based on their value to the company or organization. Marketing software helps achieve lead scoring to notify marketing and sales teams when a lead turns into a sale.

  • Nurture and Track Leads

Automation software helps to nurture leads by creating email campaigns and tracking their success, helping you convert leads to sales.

Despite these great benefits, an automated marketing strategy can have some challenges.

The Challenges Associated with Automated Marketing

  • Time and Money

The truth is that marketing software can cost a lot of money that often needs to be paid upfront. The benefits that marketing software can bring to your business make it a worthwhile investment. Once you have your software, it takes time to implement it. This can be time-consuming. The good news, however, is that this only needs to be done once.

  • Managing Data

Personalized marketing works best when the data is managed well and kept fresh. Marketing data provides information about competitors, consumers, and economic trends that may impact sales. Therefore, companies that implement automated marketing strategies must manage their marketing data efficiently if they want to stand out from the crowd.

  • Counterproductive

When used incorrectly, marketing software can be counterproductive. Many businesses that try this strategy do not see an increase in sales. There can be many reasons for this. Not choosing the best marketing software solution for your business may be one of them. 

Another reason for poor results would be ineffective marketing strategies that do not let the prospective client know the value of the product or service.

Does Marketing Automation Really Work?

Sales teams are often wary about automated marketing strategies. This is because chasing down a lead with repetitive emails, and bombarding social media scrolling with ad after ad can create negative feelings about a company. The result is dwindling sales. 

However, a study done by Forester Research showed that 78 percent of sales teams attributed their success to automated marketing strategies. This shows that marketing automation does work, provided the right software is chosen and the software is correctly implemented and managed.

By freeing your marketing staff of mundane, repetitive tasks that can be completed more quickly by software, you allow them the opportunity to focus their efforts towards driving revenue and converting leads to sales.

How to Use Your Marketing Software to Drive Revenue

1. Learn from the Competition

Your competitors can teach you a great deal about marketing. Observe their success with automated marketing tools to ascertain whether it is the right solution for your business. 

A conversion funnel is the steps that a user must follow to convert. This can include signing up or creating an account, making a purchase, or registering for email notifications. To improve sales, it is important to analyze users’ activity within the conversion funnel to determine the most commonplace that they leave the funnel.

Understanding how users interact within the conversion funnel is paramount to your conversion rate success. Optimizing and improving the identified problem areas helps to drive prospects to close the deal and convert.

2. Understand Conversion Funnels Performance to Help Drive Revenue

A conversion funnel is the steps that a user must follow to convert. This can include signing up or creating an account, making a purchase, or registering for email notifications. To improve sales, it is important to analyze users’ activity within the conversion funnel to determine the most commonplace that they leave the funnel.

Understanding how users interact within the conversion funnel is paramount to your conversion rate success. Optimizing and improving the identified problem areas helps to drive prospects to close the deal and convert.

3. Support the Customer Journey

Supporting the customer journey through focused content is an important aspect to drive revenue. Pathmonk has great tools like Micro-moments and Intent data that help you do just that. These tools help influence users to convert and promote the conversion of website traffic to leads. 

Monitoring the quality and relevance of the content that potential customers engage with is paramount to improved conversion rates. Video content and podcasts are useful tools to engage the attention of prospective clients. Motion Agency can help create compelling podcasts to help you accomplish this.

4. Generate and Analyze Reports Often

Making use of automated marketing tools just to send emails and follow up on leads is simply not enough to drive revenue. Analyzing marketing data and consumer behavior is important to stay on top of your game. 

Taking enough time to regularly consider marketing reports can help you see the results of your efforts and help to improve your marketing strategy according to changing consumer behavior.

Pathmonk’s Marketing Solutions

When prospective clients visit your website, you have just a few minutes to spur their interest and educate them enough to understand the value of your product or service. With Pathmonk, you can increase your lead sales by improving your conversion rate to achieve the results your marketing attempts deserve. 

  • Optimize Websites to Increase Conversion Rates

Pathmonk increases website conversions by 1.5 times. The statistics show that approximately 98 percent of traffic does not convert. Therefore, Pathmonk has spent time researching ways to engage the attention of users so that their attention is spurred immediately. 

  • Manage Pre-Qualifying Leads

Pathmonk also helps you manage pre-qualifying leads by identifying information such as the lead source and score, the value of a deal, or the likelihood of the prospect making a purchase.

It uses artificial intelligence to analyze and match behavioral patterns of users with that of previous users to distinguish and prioritize leads that appear more promising over others.

  • Improved Landing Page for High Conversion Rates

Pathmonk guarantees a high conversion landing page that improves revenue by 40 percent through the use of its artificial intelligence to deliver a great customer experience through a reduced bounce rate and direct, clear paths to conversion.

  • Efficient and Accurate Reporting

Pathmonk allows you to generate detailed reports that collect information on persona with no extra effort. It lets you see the complete picture for every persona so you can gain a better understanding of who visits your site and adjust accordingly.


Marketing automation is a useful tool to optimize your marketing strategy. The software is focused on performing tasks that would be time-consuming and repetitive for marketing employees, thereby saving your business time and money.

However, automated marketing software can be expensive, and can counterproductive if not managed correctly. No customer wants to be pressured into making a purchase, and the incorrect use of marketing software can exercise this kind of pressure. 

Pathmonk has devised marketing tools that are easy to implement and use. The founders have spent a great deal of time researching methods to get users through the conversion funnel without any hiccups to secure high-quality leads that ultimately drive revenue. 

These marketing tools from Pathmonk are worthwhile investments that secure your business’s success through increased profits and sales.

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