4 Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Website

4 Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Website In Article
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It has been a while since you have updated your website, and your visitor engagement is starting to go down. Conversion rates are everything, and if you have seen that those numbers are starting to fall and have not stopped, you might consider an overhaul. A website redesign is one of the things that most people think of, but it is not always the best choice.

Website redesigns are one of the things website owners think of, but they do not understand the massive struggles that come with the process. These changes are not just cosmetic, but also can involve the backend of your website and can force you to spend hours and days making massive changes.

Plus, in some cases, the redesign does not address the problems that might be turning people away from your website in the first place. If people do not enjoy your content or it is not optimized to bring clients to the site and into your funnel, then no amount of window dressing on your homepage is going to work for you.

There are several things to consider when redesigning a website, and most of them aren’t worth the time you are going to spend. Thankfully, Pathmonk can be used to not just redesign your website, but it can effectively to bring your clients back to you.

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What to Consider When Redesigning a Website

A website redesign can easily become affected by scope creep, where you spend lots of time and resources on things that don’t matter. You could decide to simply reevaluate your homepage, and three hours later you are going through the entire website. Setting up the definition of a redesign is the first thing you need to do.

Your aim is to restructure and recreate the website. Most of the changes are cosmetic and do not touch your content. Rather than rewriting every blog entry, you are simply changing your blog page to make it look better.

Redesigning a website can still take a lot of time, but it takes less effort than a full revamp.

Has the Audience for My Site Changed?

One of the biggest reasons people redesign their websites is to adapt to a changing audience. If you have sold women’s purses for three years, and then decide that you want to start selling men’s sunglasses as well, you need to make some changes. That is one of the things to look for when redesigning a website.

The page might be designed to focus on different women, using words and images and a design structure that draws women in. Once you decide to focus on men, none of the items that you might be using for women are going to work.

You need to redesign everything for men as well so that they can come in and start making purchases. The entire design of your website should focus on bringing your audience in and keeping them there. That is a great way to see your conversion rate ascend.

However, a new audience means that the clients are going to show off new behaviors for your website. Pathmonk can analyze the behavior of every single client who goes to the page and then can focus on giving them customized experiences. These micro-experiences should help them better connect with your website.

Look at Your Sales Funnel

Every single website has a ‘sales funnel’ that takes people from the homepage of the website to the products page, all the way to the cart. However, if clients cannot traverse your sales funnel, then they aren’t going to be purchasing your products. You need to share your information quickly and accurately.

If you are focusing on what to consider when redesigning a website, then making sure that your sales funnel is ready to go is at the top of the list. It is one of the reasons that you have a website, and it needs to be top-notch.

Continuing with the example of the sales of purses and sunglasses, your clients need to know a few things before they start making purchases. For example, you need to share the various sizes of your items. Clients look for purses or sunglasses that look good and are also the right size.

If your clients must start scrutinizing the webpage to find basic information about the products you sell, then you need to focus on making that information clear. The easier that data is to find, the faster customers click and make more purchases.

Of course, you might not be able to figure out all the steps of your sales funnel. That’s where Pathmonk comes in and we can focus on every stage of the buying journey. The system can track your buyers through the sales funnel and can customize that journey based on what they have done on your website.

This helps motivate them to slide down the sales funnel and you can get more sales from the customers who really want to buy your items.

Lead qualification is the process of getting that lead to become a customer

Are You Hitting Your Goals?

Whenever you have your web page as an aspect of your business, you should have goals for the site. Do you want to make a certain figure of income from the sales? Do you need to get a certain number of clients every month? Are you focused on getting leads? You should have milestones for the website and should be checking in to see if it is starting to help you reach those goals.

If you need to bring people to your sales page as a part of the goal attainment, then it might be time to re-evaluate the elements of your site to see what could do with a little editing.

Our team can make sure that your website hits all your goals through a redesign. If you want to work with us, we can compare the customers of your website to other visitors, as well as track your customer’s movements on other websites. Then our artificial intelligence should make sure that we use that information to enhance the individual interactive experience.

By using these micro-moments, our team can help you hit your goals with your clients, and you should start to see everything about your website improve. All it takes is work in the right place and your website should be good to go.

What Is Your Brand?

Another thing that your cosmetic redesign should do is highlight your brand. Your brand should focus on what your website means for your clients. If you want to focus on being a friendly company that can sell your product with a smile, then your brand is going to be very different from people who want to be very formal about their businesses and what they want to sell.

Figure out what ‘look’ you want to make your website have and make it the focus of your redesign. Do you want your website to be very formal and crisp, where your clients can see everything with just a few clicks? Then you need a redesign that can be clean cut and uncluttered.

Say that you want a theme that focuses on bringing your customers in and focusing on making sure that they stay on your website. You need to make sure that your theme helps to coax your visitors along your sales funnel.

Pathmonk helps to turn the visitors to your website into paying customers and leads. We can help you figure out the buying intent of each customer, and if you have a theme that speaks to them, they can do what you want them to do that much quicker.

Working with Pathmonk

Learning all the things to consider when redesigning a website, even if it doesn’t seem like a massive project, isn’t something you should do alone. It is not just about making your website look prettier and more appealing to your customers, but you also need to make sure that every single design choice means something.

Whether it reinforces your brand, helps to bring clients through your sales funnel, or focuses on helping you hit your goals, design and redesign are important. Do not do it alone because you can certainly make a few mistakes while getting started. Those mistakes can certainly cost you more in the long run and no one likes that!

We at Pathmonk and our AI technology are going to work with you. Our AI analyzes the most important parts of your website and the customers who visit it. We see where your customers are on their buying journey, and what would make them complete that step and buy from you.

Our targeted micro experiences focus on retaining the nearly 98% of buyers who leave your website after only a few seconds of interaction. We have the data and the technology to make sure that your website keeps those people around and makes sure that they become leads and customers.

Pathmonk is easy to set up and can start getting you fast and effective results. Give us a try for your website as we are acutely aware of the things to consider when redesigning a website.

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